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Last active Sep 1, 2017
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Conclusion of GSoC 2017

GSoC Project abstract


In these three months I was working on the implementation of Luci2 (the graphic interface of LEDE / OpenWrt). The project was to translate the functionalities that Libremesh currently uses in Luci to the new proposal. The new environment consists of a backend based on UBUS that exposes JSON with data and the structure of the view (see more). As far as Google Summer of Code goes, I was able to make the ubus modules that emit information about bmx6, batman-adv, alignment, spectrum analysis, libremap and finally a series of several utilities. The results can be found in the lime-packages-ui repository.


Each module has its documentation on the calls and the expected answers.


Thanks to the Freifunk community and the Libremesh team for giving me the opportunity to participate in this GSoC. No doubt I will continue to contribute to free software, to have more community and free networks. Thanks also to the GSoC program for supporting the development of open source and the inclusion of new people in this field.

To future

Finally I want to clarify that it is my intention to continue until achieving a complete implementation with the front end and keep the packages made. I will adapt the current luci packages to consume the data from the UBUS modules, so its use can be immediate and not wait for the complete development of luci2.


Reports on Freifunk blog

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