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minimal example of using [phantomjs] with [qunit]

$ phantomjs run-qunit.js file://`pwd`/test.html
'waitFor()' finished in 200ms.
Tests completed in 21 milliseconds.
5 tests of 5 passed, 0 failed.


View test.vim
:Unite file
1) Expecting to fuzzy match config/database.yml (as Command-T does)
Sources: file
> dbyml
- [new file]dbyml
Sources: file
View route length chart
$ rake routes|ruby -ne '$_ =~ /^\s+([a-z_]+)/; puts "%-2s %s" % [$1.to_s.size, $1.to_s.gsub(/./,"*")]'|grep -v '^0'|sort -unr
92 ********************************************************************************************
91 *******************************************************************************************
90 ******************************************************************************************
89 *****************************************************************************************
88 ****************************************************************************************
87 ***************************************************************************************
85 *************************************************************************************
82 **********************************************************************************
View output
whose-bug$ bundle exec ruby test.rb
View plugins.vim
" Modularized configuration for vim
" Randy Morris <>
" Plugins
if v:version < 700
" {{{ Vundle setup
View game_of_life.rb
class Cell
class World
def initialize
@x = 50
@y = 50

Getting started

First add your twitter username and password. Then server.rb and once it's started open websocket.html in your browser. You should see some tweets appear. If not take a look at the javascript console.


What's new

Bundle! command

Bundle! 'my_plugin'

instructs Vundle that

  1. this plugin should not be synchronized/cloned
  2. it's located in bundles/my_plugin
View .vimrc
syntax on
set nocompatible " Unset compatibility with VI, it's 2011!
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest " make cmdline tab completion similar to bash
set backup " Activate backup stuff
set backupdir=~/.vim/backup
set directory=~/.vim/tmp
set showmatch " Show matching brackets
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