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Radar 14023881 - FileVault 2: Allow encrypted password with fdesetup enable -inputplist
When using fdesetup enable -inputplist to enable other accounts, the password in the plist is clear text. I would like to file an enhancement to have the -inputplist plist support hashed passwords.
Steps to Reproduce:
If you run fdesetup enable -inputplist with a hashed password, FileVault 2 is not enabled for the hashed password account.
Expected Results:
Hashed passwords should be supported. I don't want my passwords out in the open!
Actual Results:
fdesetup enable -inputplist only enables accounts with clear text passwords.
Even if I hide the inputplist from my uses (/private/var/root) for example I still would want the passwords in inputplist to be hashed.
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