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Dear sister,
I write what shall be my last appeal to go unanswered, one way or the other.
I feel a prisoner, as on an island, with no jailor, no human soul for commune-- only my one mind, examing itself, endlessly, endlessly, searching for relief.
In the years since transgression I have sought no absolution, only bare forgiveness. In good faith I have removed myself from all temptation, sacrificed to prove my commitment however I can imagine.
Since Mother's passing I have yearned for nothing more than the acknowledgment of my own kin, to be treated as human again, to breathe the air of human spirit once more. By grace even a wretch like me could be saved, but I do not expect it. If not response is received, I shall henceforth accept my sentence, and one day simply cease to be.
With a brother's love always,
Oscar Masan
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