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Option 1: Command-line download extension as zip and extract

extension_id=jifpbeccnghkjeaalbbjmodiffmgedin   # change this ID
curl -L -o "$" "$extension_id%26uc" 
unzip -d "$extension_id-source" "$"

Thx to crxviewer for the magic download URL.

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<div class="_4t2a"><div style="opacity: 1;"><div><div class="_4-i0"><div class="clearfix"><div class="_51-u rfloat _ohf"><a class="_42ft _5upp _50zy layerCancel _51-t _50-0 _50z-" role="button" href="#" title="Close" tabindex="0">Close</a></div><div><h3 id="u_2l_0" class="_52c9">Message Sent</h3></div></div></div><div class="_4-i2 _pig _50f4">Your message was successfully sent.</div></div></div></div>
goldalworming / cobalt2.json
Created Oct 1, 2017
make cobalt2 vscode similar to cobalt sublime text
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"$schema": "vscode://schemas/color-theme",
"name": "Cobalt",
"type": "dark",
"colors": {
// activityBar
"activityBar.background": "#122738",
"activityBar.border": "#0d3a58",
"activityBar.dropBackground": "#0d3a58",
"activityBar.foreground": "#fff",
goldalworming /
Created May 25, 2016 — forked from eskriett/
A python script to download high resolution Google map images given a longitude, latitude and zoom level.
# Created by Hayden Eskriett []
# A script which when given a longitude, latitude and zoom level downloads a
# high resolution google map
# Find the associated blog post at:
import urllib
import Image
View imacros-cheatsheet.js
// iMacro CheatSheet - Command Reference
// iMacros supports 3 types of variables:
// * The macro variables !VAR0 thru !VAR9. They can be used with the SET and ADD command inside a macro.
// * Built-in variables. They contain certain values set by iMacros.
// * User-defined variables. They are defined in-macro using the SET command.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 1. Download SVG
if [ ! -f logo.svg ]; then
curl > logo.svg
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
View gist:056307304b55ba79b3524e141d8f7269 (add to cart effect angularjs)
goldalworming / check.go
Created Apr 11, 2016 — forked from mattes/check.go
Check if file or directory exists in Golang
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if _, err := os.Stat("/path/to/whatever"); os.IsNotExist(err) {
// path/to/whatever does not exist
if _, err := os.Stat("/path/to/whatever"); err == nil {
// path/to/whatever exists
goldalworming / setup_howto.txt
Created Mar 31, 2016 — forked from kosiara/setup_howto.txt
Setup Facebook React-native sample (empty) project on Ubuntu
View setup_howto.txt
# author:
# @Bartosz Kosarzycki
sudo apt-get install npm
sudo npm install -g react-native-cli
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
cd /home/user/your/project/path
react-native init AwesomeProject
cd AwesomeProject
goldalworming /
Created Mar 30, 2016 — forked from nephics/
Test of experimental Tornado feature for a streaming request body handler
# Test of experimental Tornado feature for a streaming request body handler, see
# Client sending file to server
import tornado.httpclient as httpclient
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