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Pest Control

You take on a bounty to rid a desert trading outpost from the harassment of a Corhok pack. You find it two days later, leaded by a behemoth alpha bug. A lesser one, about your size, flies in your direction.

  • Success: You drop into a crouch, just barely avoiding the sweeping Corhok's claws, while sending a loaded shot hissing in the biggest target's direction instead. You watch in amazement as the lumbering giant's takeoff cuts short and half it's insectoid head is sent flying into the air. The other half goes down with 10,000 lbs of body mass, squishing a couple small Corhoks. The rest of the pack crawl back to their burrows. You bomb those.

  • Failure: You bring it down with a single blast shot; as it bites the dust you glimpse the alpha Corhok staring past you, as if you weren't there. In a split-second he takes off and sweeps in your direction, landing just past your spot. He looks back at his pack as if you weren't there. You aren't there.