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I may be slow to respond.

会有猫的 gonejack

I may be slow to respond.
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gonejack / book list
Last active March 9, 2023 06:42
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Calculus An Intuitive and Physical Approach(Second Edition).epub
Working Memory and Neurodevelopmental disorders - Tracy Packiam Alloway.epub
Schaum's Outline of College Physics - Frederick Bueche.epub
gonejack / $http_response_header_parser.php
Last active August 29, 2015 14:18
parse $http_response_header
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* Parse a set of HTTP headers
* @param array The php headers to be parsed
* @param [string] The name of the header to be retrieved
* @return A header value if a header is passed;
* An array with all the headers otherwise
function parseHeaders(array $headers, $header = null) {
gonejack / zip.lib.php
Last active July 12, 2016 15:07
Create Zip Archive for download in memory(without using file system)
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sometimes we don't want to make any usage to the hardisk, when we just want to grab something from remote server, and make a Zip archive for download, and the offical php ZipArchive module don't support this till now, so here is a class to make this(from phpMyAdmin library).
Here is sample usage:
//create the zip
$zip = new zipfile();
//add files to the zip, passing file contents, not actual files
gonejack / define unicode string in PHP
Last active August 29, 2015 14:25
not like Python and JavaScript, PHP don't directly support embedding unicode value like "\uXXXX" into strings, so use the way below.
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echo json_decode('"\u30FB"');
gonejack / repr_equivalent_for_php_strings.php
Last active August 29, 2015 14:25
var_export just working for array, we need a repr equivalence for string
View repr_equivalent_for_php_strings.php
* Created by PhpStorm.
* User: Youi
* Date: 7/25/2015
* Time: 8:44 PM
$s = "\x21\xff thing\n\t\\字";
gonejack /
Last active February 13, 2023 17:44
Colemak keymap for DOSBox, put this file to %LOCALAPPDATA%\DOSBox
hand_shutdown "key 290 mod1"
hand_capmouse "key 291 mod1"
hand_fullscr "key 13 mod2"
hand_pause "key 19 mod2"
hand_mapper "key 282 mod1"
hand_speedlock "key 293 mod2"
hand_recwave "key 287 mod1"
hand_caprawmidi "key 289 mod1 mod2"
hand_scrshot "key 286 mod1"
hand_video "key 286 mod1 mod2"
View JavaScript falsy values
''(empty string)
View JavaScript handys
x+'' //convert to string
+x //convert to number
!!x //convert to boolean
//generate short random string
//generate random ports
((Math.random() + 1) / 2 * 65535).toString().slice(0, 5)
gonejack / get_redirect_location.php
Last active October 31, 2015 14:22
PHP get URL redirect location
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function get_redirect_url($url) {
'http' => array(
#'method' => 'HEAD',
'request_fulluri' => true,
'proxy' => 'tcp://'
View Windows CMD handing Commands
//task killer
taskkill [/s Computer] [/u Domain\User [/p Password]]] [/fi FilterName] [/pid ProcessID]|[/im ImageName] [/f][/t]