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next/previous sibling of an element in an associative array
interface ArraySiblingsInterface
public static function previous($needle, $haystack, $continueAtTop = true);
public static function next($needle, $haystack, $continueAtBottom = true);
class ArraySiblings implements ArraySiblingsInterface
const FORWARD = 'fwd';
const BACKWARDS = 'bwd';
static private function _walk($needle, $haystack, $continue, $direction)
if ($direction == self::BACKWARDS) {
$haystack = array_reverse($haystack, true);
$keys = array_keys($haystack);
if ($continue) $keys = array_merge($keys, $keys);
$pos = array_keys($keys, $needle);
if (! isset($pos[0])) return;
$pos = $pos[0];
$next = $pos+1;
if (!isset($keys[$next])) return null;
return $haystack[$keys[$next]];
static function next($needle, $haystack, $continueAtBottom = true)
return self::_walk($needle, $haystack, $continueAtBottom, self::FORWARD);
static function previous($needle, $haystack, $continueAtTop = true)
return self::_walk($needle, $haystack, $continueAtTop, self::BACKWARDS);
class ArraySiblingsTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {
protected $coll = array(
'lalala' => 1,
'pepepe' => 2,
'cocotero' => 3,
'periquito' => 4
public function testShouldReturnNullIfTheNeedleDoesNotExistInHaystack() {
$this->assertEquals(null, ArraySiblings::next('chuchu', $this->coll));
public function testShouldTheNeedleElementIfOnlyOneElementInHaystack() {
$this->assertEquals('blabla', ArraySiblings::next('chuchu', array('chuchu' => 'blabla')));
public function testShouldReturnNextSibling() {
$this->assertEquals(3, ArraySiblings::next('pepepe', $this->coll));
public function testShouldReturnPreviousSibling() {
$this->assertEquals(2, ArraySiblings::previous('cocotero', $this->coll));
public function testShouldGoBeyondBoundsAtTop() {
$this->assertEquals(1, ArraySiblings::next('periquito', $this->coll));
public function testShouldGoBeyondBoundsAtBottom() {
$this->assertEquals(4, ArraySiblings::previous('lalala', $this->coll));
public function testShouldReturnNullIfOnlyOneElementInArrayAndToldNotToContinueAtBounds() {
$this->assertEquals(null, ArraySiblings::next('chuchu', array('chuchu' => 'blabla'), false));
$this->assertEquals(null, ArraySiblings::previous('chuchu', array('chuchu' => 'blabla'), false));
public function testShouldReturnNullIfToldNotToContinueAtTop() {
$this->assertEquals(null, ArraySiblings::next('periquito', $this->coll, false));
public function testShouldReturnNullIfToldNotToContinueAtBottom() {
$this->assertEquals(null, ArraySiblings::previous('lalala', $this->coll, false));

Gracias Gonzalo!

Si te apetece intenta adaptar la clase al interfaz que defino. He actualizado mi Gist añadiendo los tests:


gist actualizado


Genial! Thx!

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