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schemaVersion: 2.0.0
- name: gatsby
mountSources: true
memoryLimit: 700Mi
- name: web
targetPort: 8000
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Last active Mar 10, 2019
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specVersion: 0.0.1
name: nodejs-rest-http
- name: node-rest
type: git
location: ""
- name: theia-editor
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Created Jan 4, 2018
Developing Che IDE plugins using JavaScript

Developing Che IDE plugins using JavaScript

Since version 6.XXX it is possible to develop plugins to Che IDE using JavaScript. This tutorial covers getting started topics for developing JavaScript based Che IDE plugins, refer to API documentation for API specific information.

Your plugin's life-cycle

Each Che JS plugin is independent WebPack AMD library. We considered to not add ability to share JS libraries across plugins. IDE will pick up the plugin description files, add all static information(contributions) and load plugin script file and calls activate function.

Plugin Description


File Level Operations

A workspace edit represents changes to many resources managed in the workspace. The edit should either provide changes or documentChanges. If the client can handle versioned document edits and if documentChanges are present, the latter are preferred over changes.

A workspace edit can optionally provide resource changes. If present resource changes are applies after the changes/documentChanges has been applied.

interface  WorkspaceEdit{
  TextEdit[] changes 
  TextDocumentEdit[] documentChanges 
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JSDT 2.0 (Bower / npm / JSON editor)

There has been no news for quite a while from the Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT). Basically, the project was in a deep support phase for a couple of years. However, the situation has changed dramatically and now we are glad to say that the JSDT project has been officially rebooted. This article, which is dedicated to Bower, npm & JSON editor, is the opening one of the JSDT 2.0 series.


Bower and npm are considered to be the most popular JavaScript package managers. Bower focuses on pure front-end, whereas npm mainly deals with Node.js modules. The main advantages of using package managers are:

  • Dependencies are defined in a single manifest file: bower.json / package.json

  • No need to commit dependencies to version control repository

  • Easy to distribute among team members

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Last active Sep 30, 2015 — forked from vrubezhny/WTP-JSDT-Development.markdown
Development and maintenance to do for JSDT and related projects
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Last active Aug 29, 2015
wiring-pi blinking led example
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