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Last active Dec 27, 2020
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Setup Snapcast client on Raspbian Jessie lite

Setup Snapcast client on Raspbian Jessie / Stretch lite


  • A Snapcast server
  • A Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Jessie/Stetch lite with SSH enabled

Setup Raspbian

  1. Login to Pi using SSH

    ssh pi@<host>
    Password: raspberry

    Replacing <host> with the hostname or ip of the Pi running Jessie

  2. Open Raspbian configurator

    sudo raspi-config
  3. Change User Password

  4. Set Hostname

    Set hostname to identify hardware and unique number:

  5. Localisation Options

    Change Timezone

  6. Advanced Options

    Expand Filesystem

  7. Finish

    1. Press down and then right to higlight

    2. Confirm restart

Install Snapclient

  1. Login to Pi

  2. Download the latest Snapclient, armhf

  3. Install package. This will result in error that dependencies are missing

    sudo dpkg -i snapclient_0.15.0_armhf.deb
  4. Install missing dependencies

    sudo apt-get -f install

Configure Snapcast client

  1. Open Snapcast client config

    sudo nano /etc/default/snapclient
  2. Replace this line:

  3. With this:

    SNAPCLIENT_OPTS="--daemon 1 --host <host>"

    Replacing <host> with the Snapcast server hostname or ip

  4. Save and close

Run Snapcast client on startup

sudo update-rc.d snapclient defaults

Raise volume

  1. Start alsamixer

    sudo alsamixer
  2. Press Up button until volume is 100%

  3. Press Esc button to save and quit

Optional - Configure WiFi

  1. Open WiFi config file

    sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
  2. For unprotected network, insert this:


    Replacing <name> with the SSID of the netowork.

  3. For WPA protected network, insert this:


    Replacing <name> with the SSID of the netowork and <key> with the key.

  4. Save and close


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@eoware eoware commented Jan 11, 2020

As of now, you should not include '-daemon 1' or run the sudo update-rc.d command as the installer automatically adds it to the systemd services. Putting the daemon option in the default startup prevents snapclient from running as a service.

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