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Sample of some GIS analysis with PostGIS
This is using Land Use Data from MA Essex County and National PowerPlant data. Transform the Point Geometry of the
powerplant to Polygon Geometry so it matches the Land Use Geometry..
select e.gid, e.lu05_desc, area, len from landuse2005_poly_esse e left join powerplants_us_201603 p on ST_DWithin(e.geom, ST_TRANSFORM(p.geom,26986), 50) where p.statename = 'Massachusetts'and p.tech_desc like '%Solar Photovoltaic%' and e.lucode = 6;
gid | lu05_desc | area | len
17425 | Open Land | 14549.1102768 | 490.826119918
46015 | Open Land | 11932.5353651 | 702.019288855
(2 rows)
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