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python-gitlab login/password auth using cookies
import re
import sys
import requests
import gitlab
URL = ''
session = requests.Session()
sign_in_page = session.get(SIGN_IN_URL).content
for l in sign_in_page.split('\n'):
m ='name="authenticity_token" value="([^"]+)"', l)
if m:
token = None
if m:
token =
if not token:
print('Unable to find the authenticity token')
data = {'user[login]': 'login_or_email',
'user[password]': 'SECRET',
'authenticity_token': token}
r =, data=data)
if r.status_code != 200:
print('Failed to log in')
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(URL, api_version=4, session=session)

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commented Feb 6, 2018

Could you please add an open-source license for this gist?


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commented Jun 7, 2018

Thanks for the gist!

Unfortunately non-GET requests are forbidden when using session cookie. But having the session cookie we can continue the hack to get a private access token:

page_tokens = session.get('/'.join((URL, 'profile/personal_access_tokens')))
private_token = None
if page_tokens.ok:
    root = bs4.BeautifulSoup(page_tokens.text, "html5lib")
    token = root.find_all("form", id='new_personal_access_token')[0].find_all('input', attrs={'name': 'authenticity_token'})[0]['value']

    body = {
      "personal_access_token[name]": 'mytoken',
      "personal_access_token[scopes][]": 'api',
      'authenticity_token': token

    response ='/'.join((URL, 'profile/personal_access_tokens')), data=body)

    if response.ok:
        private_token_page = bs4.BeautifulSoup(response.text, "html5lib")
        private_token = private_token_page.find_all('input', id='created-personal-access-token')[0]['value']

if not private_token:
session.headers.update({'Private-Token': private_token})

gl = gitlab.Gitlab(URL, api_version=4, session=session)


  • I used BeautifoulSoup to help parsing HTML pages
  • Duplicated names are allowed for access token name - but it will be better to avoid regenerating a new token every time you call the script.
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