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Last active August 29, 2016 09:01
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Imagine you could convert all kind of things to all kind of different things, e.g. taking a screenshot of a dom element or converting another website to a screenshot. Forks & comments much appreciated! #nobackend #dreamcode
// convert a dom element to a PDF and download it
convert( $('.invoice') ).to( 'invoice.pdf' ).download()
// alternatively
download( convert( $('.invoice') ).to( 'invoice.pdf' ) )
// convert another website to a png and show it on the page
convert( '' ).toImage().then( $('.screenshots').append )
// attach a file to an email
subject: "Hello, World!",
text: "This mail has been sent from the frontend",
to: "",
attachments: [
convert( '' ).to("screenshot.png")
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I like that - looks really clean. So download() and save()

How does it handle different MIME types, or is that not applicable in a node.js scenario?

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gr2m commented Sep 2, 2013

not sure about a node.js scenario, I did it all with a browser environment in mind, and there I expect the right mime types to be sent as headers

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I would suggest for file format conversions and anything to do with pictures and files. All the above functional abstractions are covered using REST API

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