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@gradha gradha/nimspeed.nim
Last active Dec 17, 2015

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Initial Nimrod implementation of the file reading/scanning problem at
import strutils
proc process(filename: string) =
input: TFile
lineBuf = newString(100)
gcCount = 0
totalBaseCount = 0
input = open(filename)
finally: input.close()
while input.readLine(lineBuf):
if lineBuf[0] != '>':
for letter in lineBuf:
case letter
of 'A':
totalBaseCount += 1
of 'C':
gcCount += 1
totalBaseCount += 1
of 'G':
gcCount += 1
totalBaseCount += 1
of 'T':
totalBaseCount += 1
let gcFraction = gcCount / totalBaseCount
echo formatFloat(gcFraction * 100, ffDecimal, 4)
when isMainModule:

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gradha commented May 10, 2013

For comparison, the best of three time mesurements on my machine were:

$ time python 

real    0m11.097s
user    0m9.934s
sys 0m0.333s

$ time ./nimspeed 

real    0m0.931s
user    0m0.823s
sys 0m0.052s

$ time ./gc_cpp 

real    0m0.697s
user    0m0.586s
sys 0m0.085s
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