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Rust: The pointer and the box it points to
struct Point { x: int, y:int }
fn main() {
// Local variable, easy
let mut p1 = Point{x:1, y:2};
p1.x = 10;
// Owned pointer
// also easy because target inherts mutability
let mut p2 = ~Point{x:1, y:2};
p2.x = 10;
// Managed pointer
// Not so easy. This won't work
let mut pNO = @Point{x:1, y:2};
pNO.x = 10; // You could change pNO, but not pNO.x
// Need to make the contents mutable.
// Do not need to make the variable
// itself mutable - you can
// change p.x, but not p.
let p3 = @mut Point{x:1, y:2};
p3.x = 10;
println(fmt!("%d, %d, %d", p1.x, p2.x, p3.x));
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