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# diff pkg/reconciler/{pubsub,intevents}
diff pkg/reconciler/pubsub/controller.go pkg/reconciler/intevents/controller.go
< package pubsub
> package intevents
diff pkg/reconciler/pubsub/controller_test.go pkg/reconciler/intevents/controller_test.go
< package pubsub
#!/usr/bin/env bash
git diff --stat=260 master.. vendor > updates.txt
/usr/bin/env ruby -e 'ARGF.each_line do |line|
next if line !~ /\.go\s/
dirs = line.split("/")
if dirs[1] == ""
puts "#{dirs[1]}/#{dirs[2]}/#{dirs[3]}"
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package main
import (
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kind: Broker
labels: <label map>
ingress: <Destination>
attributes: <TypeMeta>
kind: AttributesRule
View gist:86c77b6627e459edb4cdcc6337b45f4d
"level": "error",
"ts": "2020-01-03T14:42:08.615Z",
"logger": "activator",
"caller": "network/error_handler.go:31",
"msg": "error reverse proxying request; sockstat: sockets: used 2178\nTCP: inuse 1145 orphan 41 tw 494 alloc 3535 mem 2947\nUDP: inuse 0 mem 35\nUDPLITE: inuse 0\nRAW: inuse 0\nFRAG: inuse 0 memory 0\n",
"": "activator",
"": "activator-947bd7448-9mxxv",
"": "event-example/wathola-forwarder-d96jq",
"error": "read tcp> read: connection reset by peer",
grantr / gist:1105416
Created Jul 25, 2011
Chef mysql master/slave recipes
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## mysql::master
ruby_block "store_mysql_master_status" do
block do
node.set[:mysql][:master] = true
m ="localhost", "root", node[:mysql][:server_root_password])
m.query("show master status") do |row|
row.each_hash do |h|
node.set[:mysql][:master_file] = h['File']
node.set[:mysql][:master_position] = h['Position']


Package v1alpha1 contains API Schema definitions for the sources v1alpha1 API group

grantr / main.go
Last active Apr 8, 2019
CEL int to float conversion bug
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package main
import (
structpb ""
grantr / reconciler.go
Last active Mar 25, 2019
A controller interface that can live peacefully in knative/pkg
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// ObjectReconciler is what the user implements. This is the generic version.
// The controller MUST be aware of whether it's running with CR or CG.
// With this interface, at least the code will be structured similarly
// and the client interaction can converge over time (or not, as desired)
// This is called ObjectReconciler to avoid confusion with existing Reconciler
// interfaces.
type ObjectReconciler interface {
// This could alternately be called ReconcileObject.
Reconcile(context.Context, runtime.Object) error
grantr / eventing-and-sources.txt
Last active Feb 26, 2019
Percentage of code 2018Q4 - 2019Q1
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$ go run main.go --token_file=$HOME/.github.oauth --owner=knative --repos=eventing --repos=eventing-sources --users=grantr --start=08-31-2018 --end=02-25-2019
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2019/02/26 10:58:38 Finished listing PRs. 725
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2019/02/26 10:58:38 Finished filtering PRs for authors. 408
2019/02/26 11:10:32 Total PRs: 408. Commented PRs: 162
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