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grantr / client.irb
Created Jan 11, 2013
zensu dynamic configuration and remote broadcast
View client.irb
>> require 'zensu'
=> true
>>!; nil
=> nil
>> Zensu.config.servers = ["tcp://"]
=> ["tcp://"]
>> D, [2013-01-11T14:08:30.692941 #7480] DEBUG -- default: got connect_delayed socket event: event [2], addr [tcp://], fd [115], field2 [115]
D, [2013-01-11T14:08:30.694223 #7480] DEBUG -- default: got connected socket event: event [1], addr [tcp://], fd [19], field2 [19]
I, [2013-01-11T14:08:32.152452 #7480] INFO -- default: 76711953-fa99-4586-8520-000000050000 up
D, [2013-01-11T14:09:37.599686 #7480] DEBUG -- default: handled broadcast: zensu.broadcast.topic hello clients
View socket_monitor.rb
>> require 'celluloid/zmq'
=> true
>> socket =
=> #<Celluloid::ZMQ::DealerSocket:0x00000001d7d470>
>> m =, "socket.monitor")
=> #<Celluloid::ZMQ::SocketMonitor:0x00000001bbf9d0 @socket=#<Celluloid::ZMQ::DealerSocket:0x00000001d7d470>, @topic="socket.monitor", @flags=1023, @listener=#<Celluloid::ZMQ::PairSocket:0x00000001bbf980>>
>> m.terminate
NoMethodError: undefined method `terminate' for #<Celluloid::ZMQ::SocketMonitor:0x00000001bbf9d0>
from (irb):4
from /home/grantr/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p362/bin/irb:12:in `<main>'
grantr / monitor.rb
Last active Dec 10, 2015
ffi-rzmq socket monitor test
View monitor.rb
require 'ffi-rzmq'
class Event
class Layout < FFI::Struct
layout :event, :int,
:data, ZMQ::LibZMQ::EventData
def initialize(msg)
@data =
grantr / ring_manager.rb
Created Dec 14, 2012
Celluloid ring pool example
View ring_manager.rb
require 'celluloid'
module Celluloid
class RingManager
include Celluloid
trap_exit :crash_handler
def initialize(worker_class, options = {})
@size = options[:size] || [Celluloid.cores, 2].max
raise ArgumentError, "minimum ring size is 2" if @size < 2
grantr / benchmark.out
Created Nov 21, 2012
Celluloid::IncidentLogger benchmarks
View benchmark.out
MRI 1.9.3-p125
==== Ruby standard logger ====
Calculating -------------------------------------
standard 3361 i/100ms
standard 35759.4 (±5.5%) i/s - 181494 in 5.090712s
==== below level ====
Calculating -------------------------------------
below level 47480 i/100ms
grantr / gist:4074383
Created Nov 14, 2012
rabbitmqctl environment
View gist:4074383
Application environment of node sensu1@sensu1 ...
View waiting.wsp.dump
Meta data:
aggregation method: average
max retention: 63072000
xFilesFactor: 0.5
Archive 0 info:
offset: 52
seconds per point: 10
points: 2160
retention: 21600
grantr / reel_chunked_test.rb
Created Aug 29, 2012
Reel chunked-encoding bug
View reel_chunked_test.rb
require 'reel'
connections = []
server = Reel::Server.supervise '', 3012 do |connection|
if request = connection.request
connections << connection
connection.respond :ok, transfer_encoding: :chunked
grantr / reel_app.rb
Created Aug 23, 2012
Reel-powered http endpoints
View reel_app.rb
require 'octarine'
require 'reel'
module Reel
module App
def self.included(base)
base.class_eval do
include Octarine::App
attr_accessor :server
grantr / gist:3166617
Created Jul 23, 2012
ffi-rzmq segfault
View gist:3166617
/us/apps/rails_app/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/ffi-rzmq-0.9.3/lib/ffi-rzmq/socket.rb:189: [BUG] Segmentation fault
ruby 1.9.3p125 (2012-02-16 revision 34643) [x86_64-linux]
-- Control frame information -----------------------------------------------
c:0075 p:---- s:0265 b:0265 l:000264 d:000264 CFUNC :zmq_connect
c:0074 p:0022 s:0260 b:0260 l:000259 d:000259 METHOD /us/apps/rails_app/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/ffi-rzmq-0.9.3/lib/ffi-rzmq/socket.rb:189
c:0073 p:0015 s:0255 b:0254 l:000245 d:000253 BLOCK /us/apps/rails_app/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/tracer5-0.1.2/lib/tracer5/subscriber/zmq_output.rb:16
c:0072 p:---- s:0251 b:0251 l:000250 d:000250 FINISH
c:0071 p:---- s:0249 b:0249 l:000248 d:000248 CFUNC :each
c:0070 p:0149 s:0246 b:0246 l:000245 d:000245 METHOD /us/apps/rails_app/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/tracer5-0.1.2/lib/tracer5/subscriber/zmq_output.rb:15
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