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$array = 'item01', 'item02', 'item03', 'item04'
$count = 0
$start = Get-Date
[nullable[double]]$secondsRemaining = $null
foreach ($item in $array) {
# calculate percent complete
$percentComplete = ($count / $array.Count) * 100
# Define parameters for Write-Progress
$progressParameters = @{
Activity = "Doing my ting [$($count)/$($array.Count)] $($secondsElapsed.ToString('hh\:mm\:ss'))"
Status = 'Processing'
CurrentOperation = "Doing something with $item"
PercentComplete = $percentComplete
# if we have an estimate for the time remaining, add it to the Write-Progress parameters
if ($secondsRemaining) {
$progressParameters.SecondsRemaining = $secondsRemaining
# Write the progress bar
Write-Progress @progressParameters
# Insert code to be performed in each iteration of the array here
Start-Sleep -Milliseconds (Get-Random -Minimum 700 -Maximum 2000)
# estimate the time remaining
$secondsElapsed = (Get-Date) - $start
$secondsRemaining = ($secondsElapsed.TotalSeconds / $count) * ($array.Count - $count)
# Optional, if the progress bar don't go away by itself, un-comment this line
#Write-Progress -Activity 'Doing my thing' -Completed
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