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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Anthill bugfixes and micro enhancements
- Fix the path finding bug: the game lag crazily/freeze and gets unplayable after a long play and especially with a lot of spaces (bad perf of the path solver)
- Fix UI buttons which gets unclickable when over the ground
- Fix the queen die sprite (AFAIR the queen seems to not die visually)
- Fix the "tab away" bug (all ants die if tab leaved for a few seconds): elapsedTime cannot be trusted if > THRESHOLD because it basically means the game is not focused and have very small FPS < 1 ( <-- can the game be paused? )
- Support Fullscreen API
- Make a ant forget his task when assigned to a new job
- Add keyboard shortcut for keyboard-only play
- Try to make the game working on mobile/tablet for touch-only play (how to move?)
Parameter adjustment:
- The queen seems to die too soon which is pretty unfair.
- The game seems unbalanced and too easy (to be confirmed).
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