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Created Aug 28, 2015

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Some symfony helpers to put in the .proifle file in *nix systems
export HTTPDUSER=`ps aux | grep -E '[a]pache|[h]ttpd|[_]www|[w]ww-data|[n]ginx' | grep -v root | head -1 | cut -d\ -f1`
## SYMFONY UTILS (beware, commands are relative to the root directory of a symfony project)
alias setupPermissions='sudo chmod +a "$HTTPDUSER allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,directory_inherit" ./app/cache ./app/logs && sudo chmod +a "`whoami` allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,dir ectory_inherit" ./app/cache ./app/logs'
alias cc='php app/console cache:clear'
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