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commit 273e4c4bca3ff94106eb4a75dfe2f8f829f052a4
Author: Greg Young <>
Date: Mon Apr 18 15:20:14 2016 +0100
add TTL to httpsend messages
commit bc2d462fadec1d7a8e00260936e70bd73185c568
Author: James Nugent <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 11:25:36 2014 +0100
Move source code src/EventStore -> src/ and reorg
This has been needed for a while, as the paths are stupidly long in some
- Change solution files to point to build location one level less deep
than previously
- Move UpgradeProjections into etc rather than src
- Modify build scripts to point to the new src directory
- Modify packaging scripts to point to the correct location
- Remove some unused scripts and mono patches which are no longer required
- Move solutions other than EventStore.sln into src/other-solutions (this
makes it significantly less annoying to use OmniSharp since it searches
the directory tree for the nearest solution file prompts if it finds
more than one at the same level).
commit 297ce75de7fb0139fadcb771a161f32827e9e46c
Author: Andrii Nakryiko <>
Date: Fri Sep 27 22:47:52 2013 +0300
Added: node priority.
commit bbb028a861fce2503bb5a7b4a29b7be8adbd817e
Author: James Nugent <>
Date: Wed Sep 18 21:03:58 2013 +0100
Open sourcing high availability clustering!
- Moved from Core.Private into Core:
- Elections Service
- Cluster Storage Writer
- Gossip Service
- Internal TCP/HTTP
- Cluster VNode
- Moved tests from Core.Private.Tests into Core.Private
- Moved ClusterNode from private
- Moved ClusterNode Web UI from private
Enjoy, everyone!
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