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ジャンケンの結果が「グー パー グー パー」のように4話のうち2回ずつ同じパターンがでたサザエさんの話数
w3m -dump | \
sed 's/(.*//g' | awk NF | awk '$0=$1" "$3' | sed -n '4,$p' | tr ' ' '\t' | \
egison -T -F1s -s '(match-all-lambda
(list [string string])[
<join _ <cons [$a $te1]
<cons [$b $te2]
<cons [$c ,te1]
<cons [$d ,te2]>>>> _>
[a b c d "=>" te1 te2 te1 te2]
])' | column -t

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@greymd greymd commented Jan 24, 2015


"第1133回" "第1132回" "第1131回" "第1130回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第1122回" "第1121回" "第1120回" "第1119回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第1121回" "第1120回" "第1119回" "第1118回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第1117回" "第1116回" "第1115回" "第1114回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第1101回" "第1100回" "第1099回" "第1098回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第1081回" "第1080回" "第1079回" "第1078回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第1042回" "第1041回" "第1040回" "第1039回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第1033回" "第1032回" "第1031回" "第1030回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第980回" "第979回" "第978回" "第977回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第973回" "第972回" "第971回" "第970回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第970回" "第969回" "第968回" "第967回" "=>" "グー" "パー" "グー" "パー"
"第967回" "第966回" "第965回" "第964回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第924回" "第923回" "第922回" "第921回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第904回" "第903回" "第902回" "第901回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第869回" "第868回" "第867回" "第866回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第866回" "第865回" "第864回" "第863回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第852回" "第851回" "第850回" "第849回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第837回" "第836回" "第835回" "第834回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第799回" "第798回" "第797回" "第796回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第777回" "第776回" "第775回" "第774回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第768回" "第767回" "第766回" "第765回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第754回" "第753回" "第752回" "第751回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第715回" "第714回" "第713回" "第712回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第714回" "第713回" "第712回" "第711回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第700回" "第699回" "第698回" "第697回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第683回" "第682回" "第681回" "第680回" "=>" "グー" "グー" "グー" "グー"
"第649回" "第648回" "第647回" "第646回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第643回" "第642回" "第641回" "第640回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第607回" "第606回" "第605回" "第604回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第591回" "第590回" "第589回" "第588回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第529回" "第528回" "第527回" "第526回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第510回" "第509回" "第508回" "第507回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第501回" "第500回" "第499回" "第498回" "=>" "グー" "パー" "グー" "パー"
"第481回" "第480回" "第479回" "第478回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第474回" "第473回" "第472回" "第471回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第462回" "第461回" "第460回" "第459回" "=>" "グー" "パー" "グー" "パー"
"第429回" "第428回" "第427回" "第426回" "=>" "休み" "チョキ" "休み" "チョキ"
"第417回" "第416回" "第415回" "第414回" "=>" "パー" "グー" "パー" "グー"
"第391回" "第390回" "第389回" "第388回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第373回" "第372回" "第371回" "第370回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第352回" "第351回" "第350回" "第349回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第324回" "第323回" "第322回" "第321回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第282回" "第281回" "第280回" "第279回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第246回" "第245回" "第244回" "第243回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第242回" "第241回" "第240回" "第239回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第220回" "第219回" "第218回" "第217回" "=>" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ" "パー"
"第166回" "第165回" "第164回" "第163回" "=>" "パー" "グー" "パー" "グー"
"第120回" "第119回" "第118回" "第117回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第90回" "第89回" "第88回" "第87回" "=>" "グー" "グー" "グー" "グー"
"第82回" "第81回" "第80回" "第79回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"
"第77回" "第76回" "第75回" "第74回" "=>" "パー" "チョキ" "パー" "チョキ"
"第70回" "第69回" "第68回" "第67回" "=>" "グー" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ"
"第69回" "第68回" "第67回" "第66回" "=>" "チョキ" "グー" "チョキ" "グー"

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