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mzpqnxow /
Last active Sep 15, 2021
Disable MDNS in Chrome via Chrome policies on the commandline
# This assumes you are using "Chrome" from the official Google site via the .deb or .rpm
# This may or may not work with your distributions "Chromium" or "Chrome" package!
# Run this script then restart Chrome, you will see it is no longer bound to UDP:5353
mkdir -p /etc/opt/chrome/policies/{managed,recommended} || echo FAIL, ARE YOU ROOT
chmod go-w /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed || echo FAIL, ARE YOU ROOT
cat > /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/managed_policy.json << 'EOF'
View output.txt
$ node stream-heap.js
Readable 358.53592 134
Writable 623.37824 258
Transform 709.05584 1310
$ node pull-heap.js
values 155.2692 70
map 84.50328 7
View post-install_win10.ps1
# Important note: this enables REMOTE DESKTOP! Use good passwords!
## function definitions
function Set-Reg($key, $name, $value, $type) {
If (-Not (Test-Path "$key")) {
New-Item -Path "$key" -ItemType RegistryKey -Force | Out-Null
if ($type -eq $null) {
Set-ItemProperty -path "$key" -Name "$name" -Value $value
} else {