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Question regarding the absence of documentation for `public_methods` in RMI

I'm a ruby newbie, and I was wondering why there was no html generated documentation for the public_methods method defined in class.c in RMI.

The rdoc comments seem to be present in the class.c file, but there's no trace of them in the html output.

The same thing happens to me locally when I generate the html with rvm docs generate.

It's not only an issue for public_methods but also for methods, protected_methods, private_methods, singleton_methods, basically all the methods that have obj. in the rdoc comment.
Are those methods deprecated by any chance?

zzak commented Dec 28, 2012

Hello Giuseppe,

These methods show up in Object in ruby-trunk, but I'm not sure about 1.9 branch. is not maintained by ruby-core, but I will email the administrator of the site and see if it's a bug with his site.

For future reference, could you file issues like this at

Thank you!

Hi! I run This appears to be a bug in the Ruby source code. This method (and a few others) show up in the docs for Ruby 2.0 but not 1.9.3. Comparing the object.c files I found that the 1.9.3 version is missing comments indicating where the methods are defined (i.e./* in class.c */). Without that rdoc cannot locate the method def and apparently does not include it in the output.

zzak commented Dec 28, 2012

It seems this was fixed at once by r36272, but then something happened in this commit. I need to investigate further.

zzak commented Dec 29, 2012

I have created the proper backport ticket


grota commented Dec 29, 2012

Thanks for the feedback @zzak and @Neurogami I'll file issues to ruby-core in the future.

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