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extends Sprite
var area
var camera
var anchor
func input(viewport, event, shape_idx):
if event is InputEventMouseButton and not event.pressed:
printt("Before affecting zoom:", anchor.global_position, anchor.position)
if event.button_index == 5:
# zoom out
camera.zoom *= 1.2
anchor.position = camera.get_canvas_transform().xform($"../Target".position)
elif event.button_index == 4:
# zoom in
camera.zoom *= 0.833
anchor.position = camera.get_canvas_transform().xform($"../Target".position)
# anchor.global_position *= 0.833
func _enter_tree():
# Use size of background texture to calculate collision shape
var size = get_texture().get_size()
area =
var shape =
var sid = area.create_shape_owner(area)
# Move origin of Area2D to center of Sprite
var transform = area.shape_owner_get_transform(sid)
transform.origin = size / 2
area.shape_owner_set_transform(sid, transform)
# Set extents of RectangleShape2D to cover entire Sprite
shape.set_extents(size / 2)
area.shape_owner_add_shape(sid, shape)
camera = $"../camera"
anchor = $"../dialog_layer/anchor_for_moving" # Because Control doesn't have `global_position`
func _ready():
area.connect("input_event", self, "input")
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