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Convert Excel to CSV format using REST API in Node.js

You can convert Excel to CSV file programmatically on the cloud. In this article, you will learn how to convert xlsx to csv in Node.js using REST API.

The following topics shall be covered in this article:

  1. Excel to CSV Conversion REST API and Node.js SDK
  2. Upload Excel File on the Cloud
  3. How to Convert Excel to CSV using REST API in Node.js
  4. Download the converted CSV file
const convert = async () => {
const convertApi = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertApi.fromKeys(clientId, clientSecret);
const settings = new groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertSettings();
settings.storageName = myStorage;
settings.filePath = "nodejs-testing/sample-file.xlsx";
settings.format = "csv";
settings.outputPath = "nodejs-testing/sample-file.csv";
try {
// Create convert document request
const request = new groupdocs_conversion_cloud.ConvertDocumentRequest(settings);
await convertApi.convertDocument(request);
catch (err) {
throw err;
.then(() => {
console.log("Successfully converted XLSX file to CSV format");
.catch((err) => {
console.log("Error occurred while converting the Excel file:", err);
# Import Node.js SDK in your node application from
global.groupdocs_conversion_cloud = require("groupdocs-conversion-cloud");
global.fs = require("fs");
// get clientId and clientSecret from (free registration is required).
global.clientId = "xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx";
global.clientSecret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
global.myStorage = "test-internal-storage";
const config = new groupdocs_conversion_cloud.Configuration(clientId, clientSecret);
config.apiBaseUrl = "";
// construct FileApi to download converted file
var fileApi = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.FileApi.fromConfig(config);
// create donwload file request
let request = new groupdocs_conversion_cloud.DownloadFileRequest("nodejs-testing/sample-file.csv", myStorage);
// download file and response type Stream
.then(function (response) {
// save file in your system directory
fs.writeFile("H:\\groupdocs-cloud-data\\sample-file.csv", response, "binary", function (err) { });
console.log("Expected response type is Stream: " + response.length);
.catch(function (error) {
console.log("Error: " + error.message);
// open file in IOStream from your system drive.
var resourcesFolder = 'H:\\groupdocs-cloud-data\\sample-file.xlsx';
// read file
fs.readFile(resourcesFolder, (err, fileStream) => {
// construct FileApi
var fileApi = groupdocs_conversion_cloud.FileApi.fromConfig(config);
// create upload file request
var request = new groupdocs_conversion_cloud.UploadFileRequest("sample-file.xlsx", fileStream, myStorage);
// upload file
.then(function (response) {
console.log("Expected response type is FilesUploadResult: " + response.uploaded.length);
.catch(function (error) {
console.log("Error: " + error.message);
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