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@gsimard gsimard/gist:2199626
Created Mar 25, 2012

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Clojail invokation error
In clojail.clj:
(ns ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.clojail
(:use [clojail core testers])
:name ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.clojail
:methods [#^{:static true} [epadEval [String] String]
#^{:static true} [getAction [] String]]))
println("Epad: " + clojail.epadEval("(+ 1 2 3)"))
On PC1 (Linux):
Epad: 6
On PC2 (Windows 7):
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at clojure.lang.Namespace.<init>(
at clojure.lang.Namespace.findOrCreate(
at clojure.lang.Var.internPrivate(
at ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.clojail.<clinit>(Unknown Source)
at ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.Epad$.eval(EpadClient.scala:78)
at ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.Main$.main(MainClient.scala:25)
at ca.gsimard.spacecraft.client.Main.main(MainClient.scala)
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at clojure.core$eval1697$fn__1698.invoke(core.clj:6135)
at clojure.core$eval1697.invoke(core.clj:6135)
at clojure.lang.Compiler.eval(
at clojure.lang.Compiler.load(
at clojure.lang.RT.loadResourceScript(
at clojure.lang.RT.loadResourceScript(
at clojure.lang.RT.load(
at clojure.lang.RT.load(
at clojure.lang.RT.doInit(
at clojure.lang.RT.<clinit>(
... 7 more
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