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Fighting the absurd every day

Giovanni Tirloni gtirloni

Fighting the absurd every day
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Last active Apr 12, 2021
Running weechat on a remote server behind nginx

Install package

yum install epel-release
yum install weechat

Configure weechat

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# Run CouchDB container
docker run --name couchdb -d -p 5984:5984 -v /var/lib/couchdb:/usr/local/var/lib/couchdb --restart=on-failure couchdb
# Load GPII test data
docker run --rm --link couchdb -e COUCHDB_HOST_ADDRESS=couchdb:5984 -e CLEAR_INDEX=true gpii/preferences-server-data-loader
# Run Preferences Server container
docker run --name prefserver -d -p 8082:8082 --link couchdb --restart=on-failure -e NODE_ENV=preferencesServer.production -e COUCHDB_HOST_ADDRESS=couchdb:5984 gpii/preferences-server
gtirloni / notes.txt
Created Dec 10, 2015
Kubernetes Notes
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kubernetes-client - Kubernetes client tools
kubernetes-master - Kubernetes services for master host
/etc/kubernetes/config (**)
gtirloni / docker.rst
Last active Nov 25, 2015
Docker RPM packages
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CVE Vulnerabilities

gtirloni / native.txt
Created Oct 6, 2015
Native vs. VirtualBox 5.0 Native vs. VirtualBox 5.0 Shared Folders
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$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)
# dd large file
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile bs=1k count=1024k
1048576+0 records in
1048576+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.28935 s, 469 MB/s
gtirloni /
Last active Jul 3, 2017
if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
echo "$0 <name> <rss_limit>"
exit 1
gtirloni / Dockerfile
Created Apr 7, 2015
Using container volumes to root the host
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FROM centos:7
RUN yum -y install epel-release
RUN yum -y install python-cherrypy
COPY /tmp/
CMD ["/usr/bin/python", "/tmp/"]