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What would you like to do? #Node.js log 05/12/2011
[17:51] gtramont1na: Hey tjholowaychuk, I'm having a hard time using variables inside a @keyframes... Any ideas?
[17:52] tjholowaychuk: gtramont1na: hmm can you send me a gist? I'll take a look
[17:52] gtramont1na:
[17:53] gtramont1na: Im using the $ as an identifier for me to know the variables in my .styl
[17:54] gtramont1na: I also tried moving the '$border-radius = 25px' to inside that @keyframes but then it doesn't even compile
[17:55] tjholowaychuk: gtramont1na: one sec ill try
[17:55] gtramont1na: tks
[17:56] tjholowaychuk: gtramont1na: fails for me too, I'll add a test case / issue and see if I can get it fixed right away
[17:56] gtramont1na: Awesome, man... Thanks a lot!
[18:02] tjholowaychuk: gtramont1na: quick fix, one sec
[18:04] tjholowaychuk: 21074d762c959dcc5a846fc0788f54c3dcbdee3e fixes it
[18:04] gtramont1na: Terrific! Thanks man!
[18:04] tjholowaychuk: releasing righttttt away
[18:05] tjholowaychuk: 0.12.4
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