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DJANGO CookBook - Custom list filter
# Tested in Django 1.6
# Import default list filter
from django.contrib.admin import SimpleListFilter
# Create the filter
class InvoicePaidFilter(SimpleListFilter):
title = _('Paid')
parameter_name = 'paid'
# Set the displaying options
def lookups(self, request, model_admin):
return (
('PAID', _('Paid')),
('UNPAID', _('Unpaid')),
# Assign a query for each option
def queryset(self, request, queryset):
if self.value() == 'PAID':
return queryset.filter(paid=True)
elif self.value() == 'UNPAID':
return queryset.exclude(paid=True)
# Assign the filter
class InvoiceAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_filter = [InvoicePaidFilter,]

bdpdx commented Nov 5, 2015

Do you define _ as:

from django.utils.translation import gettext as _


How can I display the count of records in front of each filter?
i.e display in list filter

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