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Guilherme Torres Castro guitcastro

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guitcastro / Modules.kt
Last active Apr 23, 2018
KodeIn ViewModelModules
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val kodeIn = Kodein.lazy {
val vmModules = Kodein.Module {
bind<FooViewModel>() with provider { FooViewModel(instance()) }
View Android Lollipop Widget Tinting Guide
Unless specified otherwise, all of the below tinting applies to both Lollipop and pre-Lollipop using AppCompat v21. To use the support version of these attributes, remove the android namespace. For instance, "android:colorControlNormal" becomes "colorControlNormal". These attributes will be propagated to their corresponding attributes within the android namespace for devices running Lollipop. Any exceptions to this will be noted by including the "android:" prefix.
All Clickable Views:
* ripple effect (Lollipop only) -- "colorControlHighlight"
Status Bar:
* background (Lollipop only) - "colorPrimaryDark"
View TCCustomFont.m
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface UIButton (TCCustomFont)
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString* fontName;
@implementation UIButton (TCCustomFont)
- (NSString *)fontName {
return self.titleLabel.font.fontName;
View UILabel+dynamicSizeMe.h
@interface UILabel (dynamicSizeMe)
guitcastro / GroupedTableViewHead.m
Created Nov 22, 2012
Default header for gruped table header view
View GroupedTableViewHead.m
- (UIView *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView viewForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section{
UIView *containerView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 320, 40)];
containerView.backgroundColor = [UIColor groupTableViewBackgroundColor];
CGRect labelFrame = CGRectMake(20, 2, 320, 30);
UILabel *label = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:labelFrame];
label.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
label.font = [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:17];
label.shadowColor = [UIColor colorWithWhite:1.0 alpha:1];
label.shadowOffset = CGSizeMake(0, 1);
label.textColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.265 green:0.294 blue:0.367 alpha:1.000];