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// Should we reject it?
public class DoubleExtractor implements ValueExtractor<Multimap<@ExtractedValue ?, @ExtractedValue ?>> {
public void extractValues(Multimap<?, ?> originalValue, ValueExtractor.ValueReceiver receiver) {
class ListValueExtractor implements ValueExtractor<List<@ExtractedValue ?>> {
class ArrayListValueExtractor implements ValueExtractor<ArrayList<@ExtractedValue ?>> {
// Which extractor should be applied? Constraint validator resolution is happening using the runtime type.
// Should the same be done for extractors? This wouldn't allow to cache it per usage, though.
private List<@Valid String> strings = new ArrayList<>();
interface SameTypeForKeyAndValueMap<T> extends Map<T, T> {}
private SameTypeForKeyAndValueMap<@Valid String> stringToStringMap = ...;
private Map<String, @Valid Integer> intsByString;
public get Map<@Valid String, Integer> getIntsByString() {
return intsByString;

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@gunnarmorling gunnarmorling commented Nov 25, 2016

Some corner cases. What should happen in each of them?

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