None of the string methods modify this – they always return fresh strings.

  • charAt(pos: number): string ES1

    Returns the character at index pos, as a string (JavaScript does not have a datatype for characters). str[i] is equivalent to str.charAt(i) and more concise (caveat: may not work on old engines).

View Event.js
export default class Event {
static create(data) {
const event = new Event(); =; =;
event.description = data.description;
event.pictureUrl = data.imageUrl;
View EventFacade.js
import { HttpService } from 'App/src/common';
import Event from './Event';
class EventFacade {
static async create(payload) {
const event = Event.encode(payload);
const { data: { data } } = await'/events', event);
return Event.create(data);
View actions.spect.js
import { expect } from 'chai';
import configureMockStore from 'redux-mock-store';
import nock from 'nock';
import thunk from 'redux-thunk';
import { API_URL } from 'App/src/config/environment';
import realmStore from 'App/src/store';
import actions from '../actions';
import {

Fixing npm On Mac OS X for Homebrew Users

Installing node through Homebrew can cause problems with npm for globally installed packages. To fix it quickly, use the solution below. An explanation is also included at the end of this document.


This solution fixes the error caused by trying to run npm update npm -g. Once you're finished, you also won't need to use sudo to install npm modules globally.

Before you start, make a note of any globally installed npm packages. These instructions will have you remove all of those packages. After you're finished you'll need to re-install them.

View gulpfile.js
var gulp = require('gulp');
var sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourcemaps');
var source = require('vinyl-source-stream');
var buffer = require('vinyl-buffer');
var browserify = require('browserify');
var watchify = require('watchify');
var babel = require('babelify');
function compile(watch) {
var bundler = watchify(browserify('./src/index.js', { debug: true }).transform(babel));
View tmux-cheatsheet.markdown

tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname