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James Goodman guttmann

  • Wellington, NZ
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guttmann /
Last active Apr 22, 2018
Setup wildcard cert for local development
# Assumed go is already installed somewhere
# Set the Go PATH (this is where go installs binaries/packages/source code)
export GOPATH=/home/james/go
# install easypki
go get
# Add Go bin directory to PATH
export PATH=/home/james/go/bin:$PATH
guttmann / gist:11388362
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Remove SS default controller route
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$rules = Config::inst()->get('Director', 'rules');
Config::inst()->remove('Director', 'rules');
Config::inst()->update('Director', 'rules', $rules);
mkdir scrutinizer && cd scrutinizer
# Install tools
# - Scrutinizer and composer
curl -sS | php
# - All needed CI tools
php composer.phar require h4cc/phpqatools:~1.2
cp -p composer.phar vendor/bin/composer
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