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Created Apr 22, 2015
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Compute the ordinary Procrustes sum of squares of two matrices in Julialang. All credits to procOPA {shapes}
#This is just a quick translation of an ordinary Procrustes sum of squares method, as done in the R function procOPA.
#All credits to Dryden, I. L. (2014). shapes package. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. Contributed package. Version 1-1.10. URL
#The function are, for now, as they are. I'll be working on them in the future...
#Compute a matrix with ones on the main diagonal
#and -1/n elsewhere
function scaled_ones(n)
eye(n) - (1/n) * ones(n,n)
#Scale the matrix A
function scale_matrix(A)
return scaled_ones(size(A,1)) * A
function rsq(A,B)
tbatab = transpose(B) * A * transpose(A) * B
return sum(sqrt(abs(eigvals(tbatab))))
function proc_reflect(A,B)
Abar = scale_matrix(A)
Bbar = scale_matrix(B)
return rsq(Abar,Bbar) / sum(diag(transpose(Bbar) * Bbar))
function proc_rotate_reflect(A,B)
X = transpose(scale_matrix(A)) * scale_matrix(B)
Xsvd = svdfact!(X)
return transpose(Xsvd.Vt) * transpose(Xsvd.U)
function proc_OSS(A,B)
R = proc_rotate_reflect(A,B)
s = proc_reflect(A,B)
Ahat = scale_matrix(A)
Bhat = scale_matrix(B) * R * s
resids = Ahat - Bhat
return sum(diag(transpose(resids) * resids))
#P.S. this is a clone of an anonymous gist I mistakenly published. I'll clean up stuff as soon as github's fellows allow me to do it.
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