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Nodeschool Vancouver 2015-07-25

Dear NodeSchoolers,


I'm { Gareth: }

I'll be one of the mentors helping out on International NodeBots day and I must say, I'm REALLY EXCITED!

Teaching is the best way to learn, and I love hanging out with people who are brave enough to learn new things. So thanks!

So this is just a quick check-list to make sure you have all you need to LEARN YOU NODE WITH GREAT SUCCESS!

Code of Conduct

To make everyone feel welcome we adhere to a code of conduct and a no 'photography without express permission' default.

Steps to get ready for NodeSchool

The most important thing about attending NodeSchool is to have fun. We will have a bunch of volunteer mentors to help you through the above classes, so come ready to learn!

You are not going to be alone tomorrow in knowing nothing about Javascript or Node. And that's OK!

The earlier you can get everything installed and working the more fun we can have tomorrow. So make sure to ask for help in the Gitter chat room if you get stuck!

And remember to bring a water bottle. Stay hydrated! :)

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