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How Heroku Can Make $1.2 Million Extra a Year Without Even Trying


Some perspective...

$1.2 million is almost equal to an entire month's revenue.
With two small tweaks to our website could help drive this kind of money.
No extra sales guy or new pricing model required.

Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture (IA) is the art and science of organizing and labelling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability. --Wikipedia

In Plain English

It means you actually make sure people find what they are looking for when they are looking for it on your site.

Why are we talking about this today?

Because currently no one owns information architecture at Heroku. We have many sites with many owners, but no one owning a clear strategy of what goes where.

Why is this such an important conversation?

Because our #1 priority is increasing revenue, and IA affects who sees the products and services that earn us that revenue.

Example #1: the Critical Apps Page


  • Unique visitors: 36,038
  • Leads: 578
  • Conversion rate: 1.6%
  • Closed: 64
  • Close rate: 11.1%


* $65,420 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

* $785,040 in Annual Revenue


  • Unique visitors to in same period: 2,738,469
  • Unique visitors sent to the Critical Apps Page from 35.303
  • So 1.2% of people who visit actually see this page.

Only 1.2% of the unique visitors to our site see a page that helps drive $785,040 a year.

So, if we do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this page and just double the number of people who see it (2.4%), sales could potentially close $785,040 more a year.

That pays for:

  • six Devops engineers, according to salary data from
  • 49,065 bags of Blue Bottle coffee.

Wait, where IS that page???


![on the pricing page][img src=""]


![dropdowns FTW][img src=""]

Example #2:


  • YTD Unique visitors: 76,000
  • Account creation: 746
  • YTD Paid DBs: 324

This site, with NO SALES SUPPORT WHATSOEVER, drives:

  • $34,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • $410,400 in Annual Revenue.

* Visitors to in same period: 3,350,665

  • Referred visits from 23,574
  • .7% of people who visit actually see this page.

.7% of the people who visit see a page that earns us $410,400 annually.

By exposing just .7% more people to, we could potentially pay for four more designers. These are leads closed ON THE WEBSITE, with no human interaction whatsoever.


![dropdowns FTW!][img src=""]

Example #3:

  • Unique visitors: 3,814
  • Leads: 111
  • Converted: 0
  • Close rate: 0

No Love

  • Unique visitors to in same period: 382,850
  • 1% of the people who visit actually see this page.

1% of people who visit are exposed to a product that we dedicate an entire team of engineers to build!

The page for this offering was built in one week by a very strapped front end team. Let's give it some love! Each and every closed lead = $1k a month and $12k in annual revenue.


[sweet! It's the same dropdown][img src=""]

Other Fun Data Points

  • gets five times as many visits as the Heroku ads we put on Stack Overflow. One of these we pay for. One of these is free.

Conclusion: Information is Power

(but only if you can find it)
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