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Last active Jun 19, 2020
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import Foundation
import RxSwift
import RxRelay
final class UpdatableArray<T>: ObservableType {
enum Action {
case replace([T])
case append([T])
case filter((T) -> Bool)
fileprivate func reduce(previous: @autoclosure () -> [T]) -> [T] {
switch self {
case let .replace(newArray):
return newArray
case let .filter(condition):
return previous().filter(condition)
case let .append(newValue):
return previous() + newValue
private let _array: BehaviorRelay<[T]>
let actionPublisher = PublishRelay<Action>()
private let disposeBag = DisposeBag()
init(value: [T] = []) {
_array = BehaviorRelay(value: value)
.observeOn(SerialDispatchQueueScheduler(qos: .default))
.subscribe(onNext: { [weak self] action in
guard let self = self else {
let new = action.reduce(previous: self._array.value)
.disposed(by: disposeBag)
typealias Element = [T]
func subscribe<Observer>(_ observer: Observer) -> RxSwift.Disposable where Observer: RxSwift.ObserverType, Element == Observer.Element {
return _array.subscribe(observer)
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