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This is GSOC propsal for Libreswan Org, please comment the suggestions to this Gist.

Candidate Introduction

Task Statement

  • Implement ipsec add command to make it easier to add connections

Task Analysis

  • This requires experience with python3, bash, conf files and Makefile
  • ipsec add <args> is intended to generate config file from the arguments provided via CLI and hence making the software more user-friendly
  • After successful implementation, it should be able to parse all args which are part of config file as per docs, write them in a config file section-wise and include the generated file into main(default, ipsec.conf) config file.

What I have done so far

  • Read the General documentation and Developer documentation
  • set up dev env on Linux machine
  • Tried several client and server configurations using amazon EC2 for VPN
  • Subscribed to mailing and joined IRC community
  • Walked through the libreswan codebase and tried to understand architecture
  • Studied the previous pull request and open issues, especially ones closely related to the task statement

Task Breakdown

  • building the core scripts for CLI parsing and creating config file
  • adding tests and steps for CI/CD pipeline
  • writing extensive documentation

1. Writting Core Program module

  • from what i understand, all CLI commands scripts are place under programs/ folder
  • Each subcommand has atleast 3 files in their subdirectory, .in file which deals with all parsing, XML file/s dealing with metadata and docs realated stuff and Makefile.
  • I will use python for writing core logic and have studied the past PRs implementing the similiar functionality
  • For parsing the arguments passed via CLI, i will use argparse and OS module.
  • After parsing the relevant flags and validating the arguments, A dict with key as section name will have dict as object, having key value pairs parsed from args. For example,
        "mytunnel" : {
            "leftid": "@west",
            "left": "",
            "leftrsasigkey": "0sAwEAAb42X0gw....."
            "rightrsasigkey": "0sAwEAAesFfVZqFzRA9F...","
            "authby": "rsasig",
            "auto": "add"
    so that, it will be easier to write .conf file and do the necessary testing.\
  • Make provision for default values if arguments are not provided
  • For writing the .conf file from dict object, I think it would be better to make a new file such as /etc/generated.conf and include it into ipsec.conf. There are multiple choices available for writing the object as specificed ipsec format in docs, plain-text string formatting, ipsecparse if use of external libs are permitted and ConfigParse's write method (will require some research to modify default writing format).
  • Expeceted time : 70 hours (+/- 10 hours) for a beta working version, before first evalutation

2. Writing the documentation

  • As this utility is aimed at users not wanting to write .conf, i will provide very clear documentation with examples, defaults values, and advance usage (incase somebody wants to modify the behaviour)
  • It will include modifications under docs/ and adding XML file
  • Expected time: 35 hours (+/- 5 hours)

3. Extensive testing and inclusion in CI

  • This will go under programs/testing (and maybe some more directories which i am unaware of currently)
  • I will get more familiar with how testing works in libreswan and add the required test cases including empty input test, proper error ouptupt, edge cases covering, etc.
  • After finishing writing tests, make necessary changes to docker environment if needed and include it in the CI pipeline
  • Expected time: 40 hours (+/- 7 hours)

Community Bonding

  • Get more familiar with CI and testing guidelines
  • Discuss about the default values of the arguments if not passed and other implementation specific details
  • Get more comfortable with codebase and differnt entry points of execution


  • I will be able to devote 45+ hours a week at minimum
  • After finishing primary task, i can work pending issues with elliptic-curve encyption, arch linux and debian packaging, more test coverage, etc.
  • It would be also good to add ipsec remove <args> command
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