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Getting all WebLogic resource with Puppet
function query {
echo "querying $1"
puppet resource $1 >> weblogic_config.pp
echo '' > weblogic_config.pp
query wls_authentication_provider
query wls_cluster
query wls_coherence_cluster
query wls_coherence_server
query wls_datasource
query wls_deployment
query wls_domain
query wls_dynamic_cluster
query wls_file_persistence_store
query wls_foreign_jndi_provider
query wls_foreign_jndi_provider_link
query wls_foreign_server
query wls_foreign_server_object
query wls_group
query wls_identity_asserter
query wls_jdbc_persistence_store
query wls_jms_bridge_destination
query wls_jms_connection_factory
query wls_jms_module
query wls_jms_queue
query wls_jms_quota
query wls_jms_sort_destination_key
query wls_jms_subdeployment
query wls_jms_template
query wls_jms_topic
query wls_jmsserver
query wls_machine
query wls_mail_session
query wls_managedserver
query wls_messaging_bridge
query wls_migratable_target
query wls_multi_datasource
query wls_role
query wls_saf_error_handler
query wls_saf_imported_destination
query wls_saf_imported_destination_object
query wls_saf_remote_context
query wls_safagent
query wls_server
query wls_server_channel
query wls_server_template
query wls_server_tlog
query wls_setting
query wls_singleton_service
query wls_user
query wls_virtual_host
query wls_workmanager
query wls_workmanager_constraint
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