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Last active June 12, 2022 13:18
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docker-image-rmi [docker in a nutshell]
$ docker rmi nginx
Untagged: nginx:latest
Untagged: nginx@sha256:2bcabc23b45489fb0885d69a06ba1d648aeda973fae7bb981bafbb884165e514
Deleted: sha256:0e901e68141fd02f237cf63eb842529f8a9500636a9419e3cf4fb986b8fe3d5d
Deleted: sha256:1e877fb1acf761377390ab38bbad050a1d5296f1b4f51878c2695d4ecdb98c62
Deleted: sha256:834e54d50f731515065370d1c15f0ed47d2f7b6a7b0452646db80f14ace9b8de
Deleted: sha256:d28ca7ee17ff94497071d5c075b4099a4f2c950a3471fc49bdf9876227970b24
Deleted: sha256:096f97ba95539883af393732efac02acdd0e2ae587a5479d97065b64b4eded8c
Deleted: sha256:de7e3b2a7430261fde88313fbf784a63c2229ce369b9116053786845c39058d5
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