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All my old posts all in one.

#OldPosts#'s old posts now as gists###

(just in case someone wants to see or is looking for my older posts on my old site ;)

unedited and unchanged! (except for the markdown.)


Harold Foltz reading his delightful daily newspaper while M$ stocks rises... LIKE A BOSS. #Latest animation in the works - M$ (working title)#


I've already written the script and I've already animated a scene of the MS animation. =[],


Gonna try whip up a short animation guys, I'll also give you a hint... M$.

— Wesley (@hakobyte) November 11, 2011
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Here is a sneek peek!


Harold Foltz reading his delightful daily newspaper while M$ stocks rises... LIKE A BOSS.

Harold Foltz reading his delightful daily newspaper while M$ stocks rises... LIKE A BOSS.



More information about the animation soon when it's almost finished.

won't be long though ;)

Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 13 Nov 2011 15:35:52 +0000

#Almost finished M$ Animation!#

Wait **no more **people, The short animation is almost finished!...

I may also plan to do a PC version of the footage.


Only way to find out, is the video itself.


Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:53:54 +0000

#The Art of External Trolling is now on YouTube#


Hey Hako here, you know that M$ Animation I've been bragging about?

Well..   GO WATCH IT


Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Tue, 06 Dec 2011 10:50:13 +0000


#Frankie Jax - Yikes! - New [Music Video based] Animation#

Hey, Hako Here...


Thats what I said when @FrankieJaxTKP asked me to create a music video animation (jk)

well 3 weeks later.. I've done it and here it is-


New video out for "YIKES!" check it out now!… #FrankieJax #Music #Hiphop

— Demolition Frankie (@FrankieJaxTKP) December 11, 2011
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 11 Dec 2011 13:53:50 +0000

#New Uploaded Video On YouTube - 'The Making Of 'The Art Of External Trolling'#

I've uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel based on the animation 'The Art of External Trolling'

This is probably an example on how I make my animations.

The making of the animation 'The Art of External Trolling' sped up 12x in I think in a week or less.

The final short video.


It included some code I wrote for the DS footage and some other bits and bobs.

I'm currently working on another animation even though life is getting in the way.

But hey, its the start of 2012.


Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Mon, 02 Jan 2012 13:34:57 +0000


After looking at some of the comments on my hit animation Googol GLaDOS I decided to take time out and explore the wonders of the word Google Googol

Googol = 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Googol = 10^100

Still don't understand? Here is a video explaining it'all in a nutshell.




Now lets go for a googolplexian

Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Fri, 13 Jan 2012 19:29:41 +0000

#I've deleted The Stiff Man 10: The Live Manless Figure off YouTube :(#

Unfortunately, The Stiff Man 10 the 15 minute movie, is removed of YouTube on my PivotMite YouTube account.

If you really want to watch it, you have to purchase the DVD coming out soon!

I'm waiting for a prototype to come to my house :D

here is the order (for proof!)


Hako, =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Mon, 09 Jan 2012 21:36:29 +0000

#The Stiff Man XI: The Vector Train is officially halted indefinitely...#

It was really a hard decision for me as an animator and series manager to put 'The Stiff Man Series' and The Vector Train to rest by halting the 11th sequel to the series. So this is my official statement on the announcement on the closure of this epic series.

Almost 5 years since the first Stiff Man video uploaded to YouTube, (and its still there) that triggered the series up to 10, that was a breakthrough for the series and also about to make its way onto DVD! But on 19/01/2012 I have come to a regrettable decision to conclude The Stiff Man Series by halting the Vector Train animation indefinitely. The reasons are as follows.

I could not find a voice actor for Mr Esc:

I have had trouble looking for a talented British voice actor for Mr Esc in the film that partially led me to this decision, It would be an honor to work with you if you are interested to revive this project to play Mr Esc but, its now too late. (for now.)

Missed the vital deadline:

This project took me almost 2 years to complete, The deadline was 11.11.11 to release (which I failed miserably) that was a vital and also critical deadline to meet but I was way off the mark.

Lack of support:

Lets face it, I am only one animator animating the 22 minute film, and I only have my voice actors and fans and that's it. I was under pressure all the time when writing the script which is why I stopped the project.

Loss of the YouTube Partnership:

I know I've been bragging about it for 5 months straight but I cannot afford to waste **4 years **of my work and let it just slip away in vain I actually want **progress **not slowgress and due to the loss of my YouTube Partnership It has taken a huge blow on my YouTube years and my animations on my PivotMite channel that resulted in consideration of this projects fate.

It's not all doom and gloom...

For many months ahead when I get even better in animation or even head to university to study animation or 3d animation, I may come back to finish The Vector Train animation in the near future, but I think my time has been used up enough on The Stiff Man Series for almost some time now that made me come to the worst of the worst.

If you are one of myvoice actors or fans reading this, I not only apologize but I have moved on from the five years of being a novice animator towards the best of my ability and concentrating on my core animation projects.

I thank all of my voice actors and my fans and some trustworthy supporters for making The Stiff Man Series magnificent.I never thought I would create an animation as long as 15:30 minutes.

Thank You.

Hako, =[],

(As a treat, the release of the SMX 10 on DVD will be priced as £3 or $3 for 3 months when released!) (offer not valid. :( )

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sat, 21 Jan 2012 00:31:05 +0000

#Unoraganised Business now on YouTube!#

Its taken me almost  6 months to complete alone starting development on July 26th last year, but wait no more...

because it's #FINALLY HERE!#

I've just finished the animation today and i've just uploaded it right now so you can watch it here or go on YouTube and watch it.




The reason it took so long was that I had some A Level exams and two animations which I had to which 1 of them was Frankie Jax's music video and another one being the M$ Animation, this time i'll make a shorter and more less time consuming video.

So whats next?

For me to know and you to find out, ;)

I'm already way ahead of you!

I think i'm going to go back to coding now.


Hako, =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 22 Jan 2012 00:28:59 +0000

#Need a YouTube Partnership? This is how I did it.#

To be honest, I got partnered twice by YouTube on two channels, PivotMite < --- (inactive) and HakoByte.

But first of all, I mentioned the account 'Pivotmite' because I previously lost the partnership for no reason what so ever from Google. (Google acquired YouTube) They automatically emailed me about their infamous vague term of 'invalid clicks' in my Google Adsense account, then they started to remove every partner feature I had.


SO. How the hell did I really get it all back again? Simple. (not quite)

Requirements or steps:

New YouTube account:

You need over either 50,000< or 100,000< Total video views or more to be a likely candidate for the YPP. (You may also need over 5,000 channel views be a likely candidate for the YPP.)


Please don't ask me about subscriber limits. There are none.

PivotMite (estimate number of subscribers when partnered) = 1,765

HakoByte (estimate number of subscribers when partnered) = < 850

500 to 1,000 views daily.

New bank details.

** New Google Account**

New Google AdSense Account.

Patience  - The reason I added this was that unfortunately, Google takes in alot of applicants every day so you have to wait until they get back to you. I've heard it takes from 1 hour to 1 year. Here's the timeline of how I done it. (for both accounts)


PivotMite: Joined YouTube on December 23, 2007

PivotMite: Applied for Partnership on April 2010.

PivotMite: Accepted in November 2010.  Took 7 months.

PivotMite (YTP) : November 2010 to February 2011

PivotMite: Lost YouTube Partnership on February 2011 (not used)




HakoByte: Joined YouTube on March 14, 2011

HakoByte: Applied for Partnership (1st time) on September 2011

HakoByte: Re-applied for Partnership (2nd time) on December 24 2011 (4 Months in waiting from 1st time)

HakoByte: Accepted on February 2012.

Took** 2 months.**



Totals for HakoByte:

**Technically **4 Months in waiting  from 1st application for YTP.

Reapplied and took me 2 months.

and 11 Months active on YouTube.

SUBTOTAL: 2 Months

TOTAL: 6 Months



Totals for PivotMite:

Failed 1st time in 2008.

2nd time 2010:** 7 Months** for YTP.

Lost it 3 Months later

and 4 years active on YouTube.

TOTAL: 10 Months


If you done all the above steps or met the requirements, Apply for a YouTube Partnership and wait.


Do what i did and go to Fullscreen! just drop them a message and you're good to go. Fullscreen got back to me in less than an hour on the same day. YouTube got back to me AFTER Fullscreen gave me the contract.

Normally you would wait for YouTube for about 6 months to get back to you. I recommend you go to fullscreen, they kind of 'force' YouTube to process the application.

So that's how I did it, I hope this helps alot of you future YouTubers gain this opportunity on YouTube, and here is a tip, after you gain the partnership with YouTube, use an AdBlocker so that you cannot click your ads by mistake. Instead, it disables them!

Hako =[],



ps: (I wouldn't recommend machinima...)

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Thu, 16 Feb 2012 16:27:11 +0000

#MunchiDroid Beta Now available on Google Play!#

My first android app 'MunchiDroid' has just come out of alpha stage and now its now a beta! to celebrate this its now released on Google Play for free.

I am aware there are a few bugs on the app, but hey, its a beta! i'll fix it when I get more time.

I am concerned about "Screen sizes" on various android tablets, I've been told it works on some devices and I'll list them as follows:

+ I've just tested my app on a tablet myself a Samsung Galaxy Note, which this I assume that MunchiDroid should detect your tablet/phone's screen size.   :)

The MunchiDroid website has released!

Download MunchiDroid here!

MunchiDroid 0.4 Stay tuned for the next release ;)


Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sat, 03 Mar 2012 17:49:37 +0000

#Bought a Raspberry Pi + Pictures :D#

It took a month for this mini computer to arrive to my doorstep and now its about 72 hours from now since I am using the computer. For those who don't know what a raspberry pi is:


The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. We want to see it being used by kids all over the world to learn programming.

- Raspberry Pi Foundation Here's some pictures!    

Freshly unboxed pi...


Just added a little customisation!


Raspberry Pi in action.

    The screen was kinda off due to my silly (incompetent) display not showing the command-line properly but I was still able to load the X GUI, and all works well! =D  

#Whats next?#

I'm hoping to move my development environment to raspberry pi instead of windows such as android, PC, 6502 etc.But as the computer is powered by an ARM11 (armv6k) processor you can't even install an application like dropbox on it because it's architecture is not for the pi.  


So this means that a number of applications are limited for the Raspberry Pi.

I'm also hoping to make something out of the device, maybe some sort of animation may inherit a reference to the Raspberry Pi or develop and create some fun games on it.

That my friends is the future =]

Hako =[],

Raspberry Pi Foundation website (Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation)

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Thu, 19 Apr 2012 19:56:40 +0000


![]("Raspberry Pi in action.")


As of May 26 2012 on 12pm,

my total video views on YouTube has accumulated to over...

1,000,000 video views!*

*and counting! :] 

Thanks to all my subscribers and friends for supporting and watching my animations!

I guess this would take me a long time to get to a googol. heh heh.

A very pleased,

Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 27 May 2012 18:15:09 +0000

#Updated The Art of External Trolling Footage to 2.0!#

Good news!

The Art of External Trolling: The Footage is updated to 2.0! :]

If you previously downloaded the first one, it may look familiar to you, here is why...

1. I actually lost the source code for the original footage (clumsy clogs).

2. I had to rewrite the whole game from absolute scratch. (took me two weeks maximum)

3. The video api/plugin (by icedaddy) was updated for a different and more reliable homebrew nintendo ds library! [which made my day]

And that's it! only took me about 500 lines of code to write.

Here is a sneek peek of the changelog.

Version 2.0 CHANGELOG: 

+ Fixed menu (X) bug 
+ Tweaked the footage with a more retro vibe ;) 
+ Rewritten the whole game. (took me 2 weeks due to video plugin sound output failure which I thank IceDaddy for helping me) 
+ fixed some very minor bugs 

2.0 HAKONOTE NOTE: In this version, I have rewritten everything plus the whole footage due to lost sourcecode, so I had to start again.* 'The Art of External Trolling - The Irony' ;) You may find the whole game slightly different from the first one. 

I also updated game due to video plugin update from IceDaddy. thanks to him the video plugin no longer handicapped! *The game is only 500 lines of code :D 



Inital release


So go download the new version here!   #DOWNLOAD#

  Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Mon, 04 Jun 2012 20:15:27 +0000

#The MacQuarium Animation + The production and some easter eggs.#

When I started this animation 3 months ago, It actually had no script at all.   And then the exams kicked in that really destroyed my time. Now that's done and dusted, i've also finished another short animation called:

#The MacQuarium#

A really decent,factual and yes sort of original short animation. (people still turn old mac's into MacQuariums!)


But instead of me talking about the animation, I'll be (for the first time) giving you or "spoiling you" with behind the scenes and some easter eggs of the making behind the animation.

  #The Making behind 'The MacQuarium'#   First of all I use a program called 'Flash Pro 8' or 'Flash CS5.5' to create about 90% of the animation and combining the effects with Adobe After Effects.   The Mac itself is actually a 3D model.

see the difference?

And also to point out, the '4 hours later scene' was also animated in 3D.


The MacQuarium animation has a BUNCH of references. LOTS! I'll point some of them out for you, if you're lazy to find them

##1. Phishing (Obviously).##

Phishing is the art of spam + hacking in a form that you the user is greeted by a made up company in an e-mail that could be about anything, and all this just to get your details such as passwords and usernames and other private useful data for hackers. In the animation where Phii (the Goldfish) is flapping his fins around at its owner the Macintosh screen shows a very typical example of phishing

**'A Phishermans guide to phishing'  

'pass your password:'  


##2. Apple.##

This is yet another typical reference which I am sure you already knew from the title, But if you are really smart, you would know what I actually did to their logo.

(please don't sue me apple...)

##3. Phi / The Golden Ratio.##

You have to be a real mathematician to find this reference.

a. Phi(ish) | Fish (geddit?) b. Version number is the value of the golden ratio! which is phi or 1.61803... and so on.

##4. Windows 8 fish...##

Hmmm. did'nt see that one did you? =P

##5. The Cereal Box##  


Ever heard of Kelloggs? well now there's Keylog's key crunch! mmm. funny.

intended to make fun of key-logging, another way hackers gain information by logging the keys you press and gaining control from it.

And thats' it. Theres all the references in the animation.

If you want, see if you can find more. Tweet me here @hakobyte followed by the hashtag #MacquariumReferences

I hope you enjoyed the animation!

Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sat, 09 Jun 2012 01:31:37 +0000

#Googol GLaDOS:simulator and new section!#

Hey, Hako here!

It's Good news! I've launched a new section on my site, Goodies!

I know how much you people like goodies!


You would find other free stuff you can get such as wallpapers and other demos i'm working on and thats coming later this year.

You should also find that I've added a first goodie to the page which is a Googol GLaDOS simulator based on the Googol GLaDOS animation. And just to point out I **_did not_ **originally **make** or **create** or even **code** the simulator I only edited it (with fancy appealing fonts)  And just so you know **All the credit** goes to this guy: ** Alex I'Anson** of []( (may be down)


So here's the story:


The original simulator was much better than the one online now (but I'm currently working on it) and Alex posted the link to the original simulator on youtube (comments section) and then the simulator was (somehow) born. The link to the simulator is currently down.   unfortunately after a few days, his version was not visible on his site.   the original link to his version of the simulator was   [](;br /><br /> googolglados)   BUT.   After a few weeks testing and re-editing. I apparently brought Alex's original recreated version onto the net (again.) And finally here's the new link:

I hope you enjoy the simulator! =D and remember, It's in a beta stage so there may be some minor bugs on the site. At any a point in time, I may get the chance to update it! =P

Issues and bugs are here:



Hako =[],


This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 17 Jun 2012 17:31:12 +0000

#New animation coming up!#

  Yep. First and last picture for you lots.     What is it about? Look at the picture!   If you like, post your suggestions below!

Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Fri, 20 Jul 2012 16:54:37 +0000

#Googol GLaDOS 2.0 is now on YouTube!#

Yes. its here. the cartoon is now on YouTube.  


Full name: Googol GLaDOS 2.0: Argumentative Intelligence   The Making of + tutorials and the deleted scenes is coming soon in one blogpost.   watch this space ;)   Hako =[],    


  check out Googol GLaDOS 2.0 on Newgrounds!   and Vimeo!

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sat, 01 Sep 2012 13:46:11 +0000 +0000

#Tutorial: How to create the GLaDOS voice effect. (And other robots)#

If you have come here for the animation of Googol GLaDOS, I'd encourage you to watch it before you continue.

If you're here to see how the voices were made...



(I promise I'll keep this as simple as possible.)


So we see there are 6 AI voice assistants in the room in GG 2.0 right? and they are as follows:


# GLaDOS - Portal/Portal 2 (Video game)

# Watson - IBM

# Siri - Apple

#Android - Google (Using Google Now)

[#](#CNTRL PANEL) CNTRL PANEL - RFK Trilogy (My own creation)

# Macintoshiba - Apple Macintosh Plus + Toshiba.


(smart eh? =P, don't sue me toshiba and apple! D:)

Now at this point you don't have to know what I'm talking about, but this should get a brief idea of who the characters are and where they come from.

Here's the tools I've used on each voice assistant in order of appearance.




OS used: Mac OS X 10.7

TTS used: Samantha US English (Mac only) + TTS software

(Windows users: use this TTS generator and choose Crystal)


What I did: 

  1. Typed my text in TTS and exported it as .wav
  2. Used Celemony Melodyne to 'gladosify' the file (look at tutorial)
  3. Exported it as .wav
  4. Edited in Adobe Audition CS6 *(audio editor) 

*Or you can use your own.


Tutorial I used. (for Melodyne) ](


Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate GLaDOS's voice.






OS used: Mac OS X 10.7 + Windows 7

TTS used: Tom US English (Mac only) + TTS software

(Windows users: use this TTS generator and choose Mike)


What I did:

  1. Typed my text in TTS and exported it as .wav
  2. Edited in Adobe Audition CS6 *(audio editor)
  3. Edited voice using effects (reverb + mastering + chrous)

*Or you can use your own.


Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate Watson's voice.






OS used: iOS 5 & iOS 6


(ANY DEVICE iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4 and later and iPod Touch 5 and later (Also iPad Mini) )

Edit: You can use a jailbroken iOS 6 with this now.




Set-up: Go to Cydia and search** 'speak'** then install package.


What I did:


  1. Launched terminal
  2. Plugged in a **two way audio jack **
  3. Now you type the 'speak' command in your iDevice:
> speak hello world, I can speak.

At this point you should hear Siri speaking! If so it works! :D

  • then you record using audacity. ( no editing is needed =], )


Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate Siri's voice.






OS used: Android ICS + Windows 7

TTS used: Google TTS + Android TTS software


What I did:

  1. Plugged in a two way audio jack.
  2. Recorded using Audacity.
  3. Edited in Adobe Audition CS6 *(audio editor)

*Or you can use your own.


Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate Android's voice.







OS used: Windows 7

TTS used: FL Studio TTS (VST effect)


What I did:


  1. Opened FL Studio
  2. Typed in FL Studio TTS VST pre-built by fruity loops
  3. Exported as .wav
  4. Adobe Audition CS6 *(audio editor)

*Or you can use your own.



Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate CNTRL PANEL's voice.






OS used: Mac OS X 10.7

TTS used: Fred (Mac only) + TTS software


What I did:

  1. Typed my text in TTS and exported it as .wav,
  2. Edited in Adobe Audition CS6 *(audio editor)

*Or you can use your own.


Follow these steps and you should be able to recreate Macintoshiba's voice.




So that should be it really! =D


If you got any questions or like to point out things that I've missed out, please feel free to do so!


Also where I said (TTS software) you may have to search for one depending on your OS version compatibility, but there are various TTS software out there for Android, Mac, Windows and iOS so just search on Google!


Happy TTS'ing! =P


Hako =[],

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Sun, 09 Sep 2012 21:42:15 +0000

#Googol GLaDOS Simulator coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone!#

Hey Hako here, just delivering some news I bring onto you.


As for the 10,000+ people who tried out the simulator already know the Googol GLaDOS Simulator is only for the web.   Well I got news for you...   I initially wanted to type the news up but I was too lazy so i'll just fill you in using Facebook.   The facebook post is originally from the googol glados simulator app page, click here to find it on facebook.  

An announcement guys! Good News and Bad News Good News: The Googol GLaDOS Simulator has been used over 10,000+ times. It's also time it's coming straight to Android, Windows 7 and iOS all at once! other mobile devices will follow soon. Bad News: The iOS version is delayed because to submit the app to the appstore I have to pay the $99 fee from (Cr)(apple) Boo. That was the surprise. Happy halloween.

  • Googol Glados Simulator App Page

So there you have it, It looks like the Googol GLaDOS Simulator is coming to multiple devices after all as just said by the simulator itself..

I've got some pictures of the simulator running on Android for the moment.



I know most of you want the simulator on iOS. (according to the polls) but if you _really _want the simulator on iOS, unfortunately you may kinda have to wait because APPUL FORCES DEVELOPERS TO PAY A FEE OF $99 ** (~£69)** per year for posting an app on their AppStore. I don't have that kind of cash floating around, _(unless you are kind enough to


I'll see how it goes. I'll just as well release a beta of the Android, Windows Phone 7, and all other devices for a limited amount of people to test. But then again, if you want the simulator on iOS you may as well have to donate so that I can register for an Apple iOS Developer Licence to post the app to iOS. Nothing else.  

Yes! the app will be free _(because it's open source duh.)

No! This is NOT a webpage. its a 100% NATIVE (application).

If you want to test a beta of the simulator on either Android, Windows Phone, or help out getting it to iOS, hit me up on @hakobyte or drop me an email

Hako =[],

This is probably the **second LAST time you'll hear about 'Googol GLaDOS.' phew what a year..

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Thu, 08 Nov 2012 18:45:55 +0000

#Long time no C?#

Hey Hako here,

It's been a long time since I posted a cartoon on NG and YouTube. (Sixth Form/College Exams as always... )

Despite this, I temporarily went back to programming just to cure my insanity of studying the ever so fun politics.(didn't pick the course by the way.) So I've started a small side project which should be done sooner or later.

I'm attempting to hook up my wiiremote to twitter. Yes I'm serious.

It's gone to a good start already. It's being coded in C by myself and I'll be documenting my progress on twitter. It's currently being written on the Linux platform and i'll port it over to Windows as soon as it's finished. Also check out the googol glados simulator based on one of my animations if you haven't already, UI update will come out this month. My animations are not dead either.

If you're interested in a small beta testing or any questions, just post somewhere in the comments. I'm off to go study Marxism.

So for now it's long time and more C. (See what I did there? No?)

Hako =[],

And what to end this post without a shout out to an awesome comic artist RomeroComics check out his comics! they sure made my day :).

(note. the image below is deliberately drawn crap.)

This was an old post by hakobyte (hako) posted originally on Mon, 07 Jan 2013 18:40:21 +0000

#<100 revisions =DD#

Those are ALL the old posts from my old site in Markdown if anyone gets lost with broken links.

(I saved a copy incase github shuts down gists)

Hako =[],

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