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Keybindings Iterm2

Shorcuts Iterm2

In iTerm2 preferences ⌘, > Profiles > Keys

Create a Key in Send hex code and add.

Action Shorcut Hex Code
Delete All characters Left ⌘+←Delete 0x18 0x7f or 0x15
Delete All characters Left \ Right ⌘+fn+←Delete 0x0b
Delete one word to left of cursor ⌥+←Delete 0x01b 0x08
Delete one word to Right of cursor ⌥+fn←Delete 0x01b 0x64
Move cursor to the front of line ⌘+← 0x01
Move cursor to the end of line ⌘+→ 0x05
Move cursor one word left ⌥+← 0x1b 0x62
Move cursor one word right ⌥+→ 0x1b 0x66
Undo ⌘+z 0x1f
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