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Last active Aug 2, 2020
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Google Cloud Platform Notes

Google Cloud Platform Notes


brew cask install google-cloud-sdk


gcloud config set disable_usage_reporting true
gcloud config list
gcloud config set project $PROJECT_NAME

Region and Zones

gcloud config set compute/region asia-northeast1
gcloud config set compute/zone asia-northeast1-a
gcloud config set functions/region asia-northeast1


gcloud projects list
gcloud projects create $PROJECT_NAME
gcloud projects delete $PROJECT_NAME


# List
gcloud services list --available

# Enable
gcloud services enable $SERVICE_NAME
gcloud services enable cloudfunctions
gcloud services enable


# deploy
gcloud functions deploy $FUNCTION_NAME --project $PROJECT_NAME --runtime go113 --trigger-http

# Logs

gcloud functions logs read --limit 100

# delete
gcloud functions delete $FUNCTION_NAME --region us-central1
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