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Last active Aug 9, 2020
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RemNote.desktop (application mode for Chromium)

Run RemNote in its own window without browser controls. Browser shortcuts are also disabled so there are no clashes with RemNotes shortcuts.


Save the .desktop in $HOME/.local/share/applications and the icon in $HOME/.local/share/icons. You can also execute the script.

If you have Google Chrome installed instead of Chromium, replace chromium with google-chrome.

Tip: If you want something like a distraction-free mode you can use --kiosk instead of --app which runs the app full screen with no easy way to get out. You can use alt+F4 to terminate, but I don't know how this behaves with unsaved state. This works only in Google Chrome.

Tip: You can also use More tools > Create shortcut in Chromiums burger menu to create an app.

cp RemNote.png "$HOME/.local/share/icons/"
cp remnote.desktop "$HOME/.local/share/applications/"
[Desktop Entry]
Comment="The Best Way to Remember and Organize What You Learn."
Exec=chromium --app= --new-window
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