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harkor/vagrant halt

Created Dec 18, 2018
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\ V\ V\ V / Varying Vagrant Vagrants
\_/\_/\_/ v2.4.0-git::master
Platform: linux-gnu shell:/bin/zshsystemd CaseSensitiveFS
Vagrant: 2.2.2
VirtualBox: 5.2.22r126257
Dashboard: http://vvv.test
==> default: Running triggers before halt ...
==> default: Running trigger: VVV Pre-Halt...
==> default: Trigger run failed
==> default: SSH authentication failed! This is typically caused by the public/private
==> default: keypair for the SSH user not being properly set on the guest VM. Please
==> default: verify that the guest VM is setup with the proper public key, and that
==> default: the private key path for Vagrant is setup properly as well.
==> default: Attempting graceful shutdown of VM...
==> default: [vagrant-hostsupdater] Removing hosts
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