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What would you like to do? - Gives the meaning of a word, in a given language
const defaultLang = UbiquitySetup.languageCode;
names: ["TFD", "TheFreeDictionary"],
arguments: [{role: "object",
nountype: noun_arb_text,
label: "word"},
{role: "format",
nountype: noun_type_lang_wikipedia,
label: "language"}],
locale: "en-US",
homepage: "",
author: {name: "harlemblues", email: ""},
license: "MPL",
icon: "",
description: "Gives the meaning of a word, in a given language, using TheFreeDictionary",
execute: function(arguments) {
var lang = || defaultLang;
var searchUrl = "http://" + lang + "";
var searchParams = arguments.object.text;
Utils.openUrlInBrowser(searchUrl + searchParams);
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