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How to smoke using the chubby smoker

Using the Chubby Smoker

(as interpreted by Harper Reed through numerous videos)

Required items

  • Meat
  • High Heat gloves
  • Digital BBQ Thermometer
  • Charcoal Chimney
  • Water
  • Charcoal
  • Wood (for flavoring)

Gettings started

  • Place water pan on bottom in the space
  • Place racks in whatever configuration you want
  • Place heat diverter with lip face down and out towards the door

Fill water pan

- Remove the bottom racks to allow space to fill water pan - You can leave the water pan in - Pour water into the water pan - You want to fill the water up to about a half inch from the top of the pan - Return the bottom racks back into the smoker


Prepping the firebox

- Use Charcoal chimney to get the charcoal started - Fill chimney about a quarter of the way with carcoal - Once it is lit pour it into the back corner of the firebox - Fill the rest of the firebox with unlit charcoal - Put it in the smoker and start preheating the smoker to the desired temperature - Don't put the wood chunks on until you place your meat - Once you get into within a few degrees of your target temperature, close your dampers down. You will want to close the bottom dampers about a half an inch while keeping the top damper all the way open.

Always use high heat gloves when handling the firebox


  • Open the firebox door
  • Add wood (hickory) chunks to the charcoals
  • Close firebox door tightly (slam)
  • Open the meat door
  • Put meat in however you wish
  • Close the door firmly (slam)

Helpful tips

  • If the temperature goes above the desired temperature - then close the bottom dampers
  • If the temperature goes below the desired temperature - then open the bottom dampers
  • Make sure that the water pan always has water in it
  • It is OK to open the door to check on the water and the meat just don't do it too often
  • If you notice that there is smoke coming out of the doors - you can adjust the strike.
  • Always smoke to temperature and not for a time limit. Every cut of meat is different as far as fat content, muscle fibers, starting temperature of your meat when you place it in your smoker, etc… Use a digital meat thermometer that will read your meat’s internal temperature throughout your entire cook.
  • Be sure to experiment with your cooks.
  • When smoking meat I always place a drip pan with water in it over the fire to keep moisture circulating. You want to have moisture in your smoker to keep your meat moist.
  • When the cook is finished and I remove my masterpiece from the smoker, I almost always wrap it in alum foil, and then wrap it in a towel and let it sit for about 45 mins to an hour. This will help the juices redistribute throughout your meat making it juicy as can be.

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