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The Entry point into the web scraper. Thi file loads up and executes the required command needed to scrape a website.
//Node Modules....
const Yargs = require('yargs');
//Custom Modules....
const BasicScraper = require('./app/BasicScraper');
const ScraperToJson = require('./app/ScraperToJson');
const AuthenticationScraper = require('./app/AuthenticationScraper');
//App Initialization...
const YargsArgV = Yargs
.command('scrapeBasic', 'Scrapes a website without headers passed in. However, be sure to Hack the Js file in app/BasicScraper!')
.command('scrapeWithHeaders', 'Scrapes a website with headers. Be sure to Hack the Js File in app/BasicScraper!')
.command('toJson', 'Scrapes a website and saves the result to a json file. Be sure to Hack the Js File in app/ScraperToJson!')
.command('toPng', 'Scrapes a website and saves some screenshot of the Webpage. Be sure to Hack the Js File in app/ScraperToJson!')
.command('login', 'Logs a user in to using their credentials!')
//Fetch cli command...
const Command = YargsArgV._[0];
//Cli commands...
(async () => {
if (Command === 'scrapeBasic') {
} else if (Command === 'scrapeWithHeaders') {
} else if (Command === 'toJson') {
} else if (Command === 'toPng') {
await ScraperToJson.toPng();
} else if (Command == 'login') {
await AuthenticationScraper.login();
} else {
console.log('Command not found...');
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