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# You can set MTU value here. If left undefined or empty, it will
# not be specified in calico CNI config, so Calico will use built-in
# defaults. The value should be a number, not a string.
calico_mtu: 1500
# Configure the MTU to use for workload interfaces and tunnels.
# - If Wireguard is enabled, set to your network MTU - 60
# - Otherwise, if VXLAN or BPF mode is enabled, set to your network MTU - 50
# - Otherwise, if IPIP is enabled, set to your network MTU - 20
# - Otherwise, if not using any encapsulation, set to your network MTU.
calico_veth_mtu: 1500
# Choose Calico iptables backend: "Legacy", "Auto" or "NFT"
calico_iptables_backend: "Auto"
# IP in IP and VXLAN is mutualy exclusive modes.
# set IP in IP encapsulation mode: "Always", "CrossSubnet", "Never"
calico_ipip_mode: 'Never'
# If you want to use non default IP_AUTODETECTION_METHOD for calico node set this option to one of:
# * can-reach=DESTINATION
# * interface=INTERFACE-REGEX
# see
calico_ip_auto_method: "interface=enp94s0f0"
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